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Medical Record Reviews

Let our Board-Certified physicians and licensed healthcare professionals serve as a trusted source for difficult cases. We recognize that each case is different and take the time to understand what your specific needs are with seasoned medical review professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

Record review services can be performed by our board-certified panel to evaluate the case in hand and gain an understanding of where to go from here. Our staff is experienced in collecting records, organizing the binder to fit the physician’s preferences, and getting reports back in a timely manner. We make sure the questions are answered and the expert addresses all issues. The physicians at Merit produce in-depth reports, examining the whole person by looking at all relevant records to determine what is necessary and reasonable medical care for the injured party. Let our team clarify the next best step in the injured parties’ journey, leading to better outcomes.

If you feel there is more to be done, you can schedule a phone call with our physicians to answer specific questions and gain medical advice from a trusted source.  Merit ensures easy access to our network of physicians and quality customer service throughout the process.

Free 5-Minute Phone Call

Schedule a free five-minute phone call to discuss the next direction of your case with our medical director