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Independent Medical Exams

Our Independent Medical Examination (IME) services offer a vast network of fully credentialed, board-certified healthcare professionals from a myriad of specialties. A Merit IME provides value throughout the spectrum of a case, but early intervention is paramount to a more successful outcome for all parties.

When do you need an independent medical exam?

When faced with a complex claim the one thing that is needed above all else is a trusted, impartial medical opinion.

Let Merit be a resource to walk you through the next steps, backed by medical evidence. Our staff will connect you with a board-certified specialist to provide better outcomes for all parties. Visit our Physicians page to explore our vast panel of specialists. 

Information we can provide from an exam:

Here at Merit, we believe better knowledge creates better solutions. We are committed to collecting all of the imaging, medical history, and more to make sure the expert has a strong understanding of the whole person. Using the bio-psycho-social model, Merit sets itself apart by using medical data to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations. The IME process is unlike any other exam and our physicians understand that, taking time to assess the next best step in the injured parties’ journey.

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