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How do I make a referral to Merit Medical Evaluations?
  1. You can easily make a referral right on our website by clicking “Request a Service” and filling out the attached form.
  2. If you would prefer immediate answers, please call our office at 402-827-3001. Our team is happy to walk you through our process to get you connected with the correct service!
Does Merit Medical Evaluations advertise medical experts in databases or lists?
  1. Please visit our Physicians tab to see a list of our specialists. Due to the privacy and continuous growth of our panel, it is not a comprehensive list but will help get you started on finding the best specialist. 
  2. If you have additional questions on specialists, CVs, etc. please contact our office at 402-827-3001. 
When do I need to have the medical records, letter with questions and imaging discs to Merit Medical Evaluations? How do I send medical records to Merit?
  1. The medical records, letter with questions, and imaging discs need to be received in our office 14 business days prior to the appointment to give our physicians enough time to review them.
  2. Hard copies (single-sided) of the medical records should be mailed to our office at 12103 Anne Street, Omaha NE 68137.
  3. If you have any questions, please reach out to our office directly at 402-827-3001
  4. You can also go to our Contact Page.
Does Merit have an expert in ________ specialty?
  1. Whatever specialty you are looking for, Merit can assist in finding a trusted physician for your claim. We have a variety of specialists throughout the Midwest with experience in medicolegal work.
  2. Click here to access our physicians page with a list of our specialties.
How does the Merit telemedicine platform work?
  1. Back in 2017, Merit began utilizing our Telemedicine platform to connect injured workers living in rural areas with trusted providers throughout the Midwest. Together with physicians, physical therapists, and software developers we created the Merit Telemedicine Platform.
  2. With cameras in Western and Central NE, the injured worker is able to have two examinees, a physical therapist in the room and physician on the screen, leading to a comprehensive exam. Since then, we have expanded telemedicine to include impairment ratings. We are currently expanding our telemedicine and look forward to growing throughout Nebraska.
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